Best Esters of Testosterone for Cutting


In bodybuilding, cutting refers to dropping fat to reveal a muscular appearance. Esters of testosterone are used for the acquisition and retention of muscle mass. They may also be taken with dieting to lose weight while retaining muscle mass. The following details will list the most common esters found in these compounds and how they work, and explain how athletes typically administer them. 

Different esters are taken at different times to maximize the benefits and side effects. Equilibrium of testosterone in the body is affected by ester used, dosage, and frequency of administration. If you’re looking for a natural and effective way to lose weight and build lean muscle, you should dbols. But what kind of testosterone should you be looking for?

Types of Esters of Testosterone 

  • There are two main types: esters and propionates. Esters are released over a more extended period, which means they’re slower at increasing testosterone levels throughout the day and less likely to ‘flare up’ and cause side effects. As for propionates, these increase testosterone quickly but wear off within hours. 
  • Testosterone propionate is one of the most effective forms of testosterone, which is also one of the best-cutting testosterone supplements. It’s ester-based testosterone, so you can expect a moderate increase in muscle mass while it’s in your system.
  • The only other esters worth looking into for cutting are testosterone enanthate and cypionate esters; you can also buy dianabol to have better results. They have the same advantages and disadvantages as testosterone propionate, but it’s much harder to get an accurate reading on these compounds because they’re entirely synthetic. 
  • You can take as little as 5mg of either one every 2-3 days if you’re looking for an immediate, short-term effect. However, this isn’t suggested if you want more muscle mass because they’re not that effective over the long term. 

Testosterone Propionate

It is a form of testosterone that occurs naturally in the body of a male, although it’s also created artificially. It’s ester-based testosterone commonly used to treat low levels of testosterone in males and females. You’ll need 5-10mg every three days to take full advantage of this beneficial compound and cut weight effectively.

Testosterone Enanthate

This compound is a highly concentrated form of testosterone ester, so you’ll need to take a bit more to get the same effect as with other esters. Your dose should be between 50mg and 75mg every week. 

Testosterone Cypionate

This is quite different from enanthate, as it’s less common and more effective. You should take between 100mg and 200mg every week. It’s a bit more expensive than the other esters, but it’s well worth the cost if you need a high-quality of supplement. 


There’s not much to choose from when cutting testosterone esters, but being a natural hormone and offsetting the effects of dieting, you’re bound to get some results. These esters are effective and safe alternatives to tab, but they’re not as popular because you can’t find them as easily.

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