Social Media Marketing

Content strategy for social media

How to define a strategy

If my task was not to make an smm strategy, then I would close this article.

Define goals and objectives

The first typical step is to understand what goals and objectives the company faces.

Analyze target audience

You need to know your potential customers well at the time of publication or launch

Choose social networks

It happens that on some sites there is no target audience or it is inactive there.

Make a Content Plan

After analyzing the target people, you will already understand what is interesting to your audience. But analysis alone is not enough to make publications regular and interesting. To do this, draw up a content plan, and then think about what you can fill it with.

content plan

A content plan is a table that shows the date and type of publication. It can be for a week, a month, or even a year.

Select announcement channels

You need to understand that the page itself will not promote itself and coverage will not come from nowhere. It seems obvious, but it happens that companies publish juicy material for a few hundred subscribers, hoping to expand the audience with quality.

Define KPIs and analyze all actions

To get the most out of SMM, you must track all your activities. So you can reallocate resources in time and get rid of ineffective methods. You need to know which posts are interesting to your audience and which ones are not. Which advertising channel paid off and which one brought losses. Analytics helps you adjust your SMM strategy and make it more realistic.

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Social media promotion, like any other marketing tool, needs a strategy.

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