TMC16 Information

TMC16 will be July 16 – 19

at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN

Places to eat, things to do and sites to see!

You can earn credits for attending TMC and writing about it! We have partnered with Brandman University, to provide up to three university credits (you can choose to get more units for doing more work). TMC attendees can register for EDIU 9007, Digging Deeper: Applying Learning Strategies. Click here to view/download a PDF that describes course requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions – 
Q:   What is the schedule?
A:   You can find the complete schedule on the Program Page but the basic schedule looks like:
Friday night: You’ll have time to settle in. There will be some sort of social gathering in the evening.
Saturday Morning: Registration is between 8:00 and 9:00 am. Newbie session will be at 8:15 am in Foss 42. The opening session will start promptly at 9 am in Foss Chapel, Building 8.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday: Sessions run from 9:00 am to 4:30 or 5:00 pm.
Sunday Night: TMC16 Math Triva Contest, 7:00 PM – 10 PM, Republic, 221 Cedar Ave S., Minneapolis, MN
Tuesday Morning: Morning session of ‘my favorites’ ends at 11:00 am.
Q:  Do I need to bring my own stuff if I’m staying in the dorm?
A:  You will have the following provided: a top and bottom sheet, towel, hand towel, soap, cup, pillow and blanket.
Q:   How will transportation work? (airport to hotel/dorm to sessions)
A:  Coordinate rides from the airport by sharing your flight info. If you’re staying in the dorm you can walk to sessions! If not, you’ll need to print a parking pass and display it on your dashboard. Then you can park in lots A, B, D, F and L. Map.
 Q:   What should I wear?
A:   Dress is casual at TMC. Shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops are standard. Bonus points for math shirts (such as TMC shirts and other paraphernalia which are available to order now) and other nerdery.
Q:   When is registration?
A:   Registration opened February 1, 2016 for speakers and on or about February 8, 2016 for the general public. We filled in under 8 hours and now have an extensive wait list!
Q:  How much is registration?
A:  After careful consideration, we are charging a non-refundable fee to register and attend TMC. We have been fortunate enough in the past that many people have given donations to help cover expenses as we have needed them to be covered. This year, we are looking at having expenses beyond the range of what donations have covered previously. Augsburg has agreed to host us for a fee that will be at least partially waived by the number of people who stay in their dorm facilities. The bottom line for us is that for our fees from Augsburg to be completely waived, we need to have 105 people stay in their dorms. If that doesn’t happen, we are responsible for the fees.
So that we have the money to cover expenses, we will charge a $20 non-refundable registration fee. To validate your registration, we will need to receive the fee within a week of registration. If this is not possible (i.e. school check), we will need to receive notification of your intended method of payment. Payment information will be found inside the registration document. Please understand that if circumstances change and you are no longer able to attend TMC16, you forfeit your spot and your $20. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Henry.
Q:   How do I convince my principal/district this is a real conference not just some twitter thing?
A:   Meg wrote a letter that you could use as a starting point. A few teachers have written letters to their administration after the conference, some of the language would certainly apply in a request for funding. Stephanie Reilly and Heather Kohn
Q:   How do I find a roommate?
A:   Use the padlet to find a roommate TMC16
Q:   Will people talk to me? Who will I eat lunch with?
A:   Yes. Lots of people. Okay, okay, you want more detail – everyone at TMC is really nice. Really. Some of us have been friends for years and we don’t see each other often so that initial hug fest can be intimidating, but once we settle down everyone’s biggest complaint is that there isn’t enough time to talk to everyone. Because we want to talk to everyone. But not all at once, because many of us are introverts. Here are a few posts about people who had some anxiety about attending math camp: Before and After (password: iheartbrady) Another. And another. And yet one more.
Q:   What if I’m not as smart as everyone else? or Will people think I’m a dork?
A:   You are making a choice to spend part of your summer at a math conference. You’re one smart dork! Everyone else who attends TMC is making the same choice, they’re smart dorks too! We offer the full range of nerds and geeks – people have different interests, different experiences, different areas of expertise. You be you and everyone will benefit from your awesomeness. Still not convinced? Read the comments on this post. (How often do you hear that phrase? You know a community is extraordinary when reading the comments is a good idea!)
Q:   How can I help?
A:   Right now – continue being an awesome member of the community. Tweet @TMathC if you have an idea of something you could do to see if it’s already been taken care of. Donations are also always welcome:

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