More excitement on the TMC front! New York is celebrating a Mini-TMC! Check out the site and register at The New York City Mini TMC site. Go NYC!

TMC16 is over, but planning is started for #TMC17. If you want to read any of the blog posts from TMC!6, or watch the videos of the My Favorites or Keynotes, The Archive of TMC16 is the place to be!

If you are looking for info on TMC17, it will be held at Holy Innocents Episcopal School in Atlanta, GA on Thursday July 27th to Sunday July 30th 2017. See you there!

Follow @TMathC on Twitter for more information as it becomes available.

What is TMC?

TMC stands for Twitter Math Camp and it is a conference run by teachers, for teachers. The participants, speakers and organizers communicate year round via Twitter, blogs and other social media. This 4-day conference in July is a chance for everyone to get together for face to face interactions.

The Wiki site is filled with information people have presented and produced during past conferences. There is also an archive of blog posts people wrote after attending TMC. You can see there is a wealth of information that people bring to the conference, and even more ideas are sparked that continue in conversations and projects beyond the weekend. If you want to see what happens, check out the 2016 Shutterfly account filled with amazing photos! Another way we continue sharing throughout the year is through a Pinterest account ready to pin all subjects.

Follow us on Twitter (@TMathC) for regular updates. If you need to email us, please fill out this contact form.
updated 30 July 2016